Odd behavior - pops and clicks on start/stop

I have a solo bass part, and the pops and clicks happen with every start/stop, but not during playback.

The interesting thing is that I can dip the high eq on that track and it lowers the pops/clicks.

And it seems to be much more pronounced on this particular bass track and much less pronounced on a higher synthy part, but still audible all the time.

I’ve checked asio settings, buffer settings. disk preload. I have no idea.

The problem happens in 11.0.10 and 11.0.20.

Mac Pro Mojave. 48k/32-bit. The problem just started happening.

I had something similar with Cubase Pro on Windows. Pops and clicks when pressing start/stop. I unticked “Suspend VST3 processing when no audio is received” (don’t know if I remember the name exactly) checkbox in Preferences and it helped.

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well, damn, mine was already unticked. I tried toggling back and forth. No joy.
Thanks for the idea.

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