Odd behavior setting up shortcuts

When I set up a shortcut using the mac keyboard numb pad, everything I hit on the numb pad show up corectly as numb pad key I hit prefixed by “Num”. For example: Forward slash shows up as “Num/”, astarisk shows up as “Num*” etc…All except the “=” sign. It shows up as “=” without the Num prefix so this shortcut does not work. I"m thinking that this is a bug.

What language is your keyboard in, Nicholas?

English (US)

This could well be a bug with the way Qt interprets these keys. I suggest you give it another try in the 1.0.30 update when it is available, as this includes quite a few fixes and improvements in keyboard handling (though those are targeted at non-English layouts on the whole).

Not a big issue but just a followup on the numb pad “=” shortcut. Still not showing the Num prefix in the 1.30 update. Just wanted to make you aware.
By the way, love the “Remove Rest” feature.

OK, thanks for confirming. I suspect this will be down to the way Qt is handling the keys on the numeric keypad, which do tend to differ between Windows and Mac (the top row of keys is different, and there is an extra key on the second – or third, depending on how you look at it – row).

I’m dying to ask out of curisotiy…

nicholasG even though “Num” is not showing up in the entry box for the “=”, the important thing is, if you follow through and make a shortcut on the Numeric Keypad =, does the assigned shortcut actually work? Also, does the “=” on your main keyboard shortcut work as well, or instead of? From my understanding, you can have several duplicate shortcuts that do the same event. (Someone please chime in here if I am wrong).

Thanks for any input…

On another related? note, I noticed that on my Mac, the Alt-[ and Alt-] default shortcuts for changing the grid resolution don’t work, even though they looked correct in the shortcut editing box. (In Mac parlance "Opt.-[ and Opt.-]) I was, however, successful in getting them to work once I deleted them and re-entered them. Has anyone else had this issue??