Odd behaviour of Make into System

I’m getting some odd behaviour when trying to use make into system. I’m trying to get 8 bars on a line (a slash region), so I select the first slash and the last barline:

but when I hit ‘make into system’ it does this:

In fact, it doesn’t matter how much I select, even if I select just one bar and hit MIS it does this. I’ve tried deleting all the system breaks and putting them in afresh, but still getting the same sort of behaviour.

You cannot select a slash region without selecting the whole slash region. Either select something that isn’t a slash region, or cut the slash region down into smaller chunks first.

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@pianoleo: So if I understand you correctly, if I delete the slash region, arrange the bars the using MIS, then put the slash region back in, that would work?

Well sure. It’d probably be quicker to use barlines at either end of the selection though.

Sorry, I’m not following you on that last one.

Instead of selecting a slash and then Cmd/ctrl clicking a barline, select a barline and then Cmd/Ctrl click another barline. Then click Make Into System.

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Ah right, I understand what you mean now. I didn’t realise that having one of the slashes selected would cause off behaviour in MIS. Feels like either the behaviour could be tweaked here, or the documentation maybe needs a little clarification:

“A notehead that you want to be at the end of the system
An item that you want to be at the start of the next system”

Fixed now anyway, thanks!

There’s a “Note” immediately above the text you’ve quoted, and while it doesn’t explicitly mention slash regions as being problematic, it does recommend sticking to either barlines or noteheads.