Odd behaviour when using group channels - no signal in 5.1 when panned to the right

Hey guys,

I was wondering if someone a lot smarter than I am could help me out. Here’s the deal;

  • I select a track, basically any track; for instance this Spitfire Studio Brass patch
  • I pan the corresponding stereo audio track hard right/soloing it using the Multipanner
  • I route the audio output through a 5.1 group channel called ‘SC_BRASS’, which goes into another group called ‘SCORING_FULL’, which routes to yet another group called ‘FULL_MIX’, which points to the final ‘5.1 OUT’.

End result = I hear nothing.

  • If in the Multipanner, I drag the two dots around to say the left or to the back monitors - voila, everything goes through, except the right channel.
  • If I pan things back to just the right BUT I switch the routing to either ‘FULL_MIX’ or ‘5.1 OUT’ everything works perfectly - only the right channel is heard.

So as soon as I switch back to how I’ve designed things to be it all goes to sh*t (see screenshot). What’s going on here, any ideas? Thanks a million.