Odd behaviour with the in-window top menu in Dorico 5 (Mac)

I have been highly impressed with Dorico 5. Many things in it make my workflow easier.

However I can report an odd behaviour on Mac OS that I don’t think has been reported before. This occurs on a system with multiple screens, so it may only occur in that situation, and when moving Dorico windows between screens, maximising and de-maxmising them.

The issue is that the scale of the top sectional menu, the one that goes Setup, Write, Engrave etc. behaves strangely. Sometimes it gets huge, so the letters are partly hidden, and sometimes it goes tiny and illegible. Here is a screenshot of the former situation.

This has indeed been reported before. It’s a new quirk introduced by the latest version of the Qt framework on which Dorico is built. If your displays have different pixel densities, then under certain circumstances some UI elements will draw at the wrong size, often when the machine is woken from sleep. It’s always a transitory problem and goes away once the window has been updated.