Odd behaviouwith text not hiding background

Afternoon all,

I’m having a weird issue with text not hiding the background…

When I have the text selected in engrave mode:

when selected

It shows the background erased (in this case a multi measure rest number)

However, when it’s not selected: (or in print view mode)

when not

It doesn’t hide the background…

Anyone know why this might be, or have a solution?

Thanks, as always.


Presumably, you want to show the bar count, so just move the text!

Also – bar 0 ??

Just as a further note, I tried to workarond by taking the bars out to make it a single bar rest, and the background erase erases the staff, but not the bar rest…


And for another note, slightly related, is it possible to hide the bar number count for a single multi rest (override the default) I tried, colour and scale settings and neither worked…



Thanks Ben,

But no, ideally what I want is an empty bar with the text over it…

And it’s bar 0 because all of that happens before a click track count in what looks like bar 6 in the chart, into a bar number change when the players start at bar 1 (why Dorico made the first bar bar 0 when I inserted the bar number change, I don’t know…)


I think we probably need to know what you’re trying to achieve, and then work out the best way to achieve it, which may be different.

Is this a part? Are players going to be counting those bars?

What was the bar number change supposed to do?

All I want is an empty bar at the top with the text over it. Nobody is playing, nobody is counting. This happens in all the parts just to show what’s happening ( on the track) then there is a bar of count, then the band play on bar 1 (where I’ve inserted the bar number change…)

The only reason the bars at the top exist is because they were in the session that I imported MIDI from orginally. They don’t need to be there, just the space to put the text in…#


Then I would remove the bars, and put the text much higher above the staff (so it’s clear it’s not “attached” to bar 1); or indent the first system and have the text to the side.

But if there is one bar of “count” with a set metre and tempo, then I would include that.

Would moving the text to the second rhythmic grid hashmark in the initial measure cause the first measure to separate from the other 5 measures of rest?

Thanks Ben,

I’d like the empty bar if poss…

Your workaround is fine but I like the empty bar as it shows some time is passing but it doesn’t need counting… (but that’s just me, and I’m probably wrong about that…)


Yes, it does, but I’ve removed 5 of the bars rest…

Anyhow, I worked out a solution, when I removed the bars, I was able to scale the whole bar rest to 1% and it disappears…

So now, I’ve ended up with this which I like.

Thanks to both for your helpful replies…

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Another possible solution: make your “first bar” open meter, and put the 3/4 time signature where the clicks start.