Odd bug 12.0..5 - Nuendo releasing output channel routing?

I have a Lynx Aurora. In Control Room, I have my monitor set to Lynx Aurora 1 & 2. That’s the main outputs. Since installing 12.0.50, I’ve been having an odd problem. here are the steps:

  1. Open Lynx Mixer app (just to monitor what’s going on)
  2. Start Nuendo - after it full load, outputs 1&2 of the Lynx mixer go green, to show they are active.
  3. After about 5 seconds, output 1&2 of the Lynx mixer goes gray, showing that no audio is routing to it.
  4. Double check Audio Connections in Nuendo, and it shows it is routed.
  5. Open up the mixer in Nuendo and the stereo output has signal on it
  6. reboot the computer and try again - sometimes it will work correctly but 50% of the time I get no output and the Lynx mixer remains grayed out on the main outputs 1&2

I can use other audio apps and the sound is fine. This only happens in Nuendo. I tried deleting the preferences but that had no effect on it. I’m using Windows 11 and I also have Sonarworks as a plugin on the monitor out. Been that way for many years with no issue. It’s almost as if something was fighting to have control of outputs 1&2. maybe Windows is doing that? I can move the stereo out to channels 3&4 and the routing works. I just can’t get it back onto 1&2 with Nuendo.

Anyone else see something similar?

I believe I found the problem and it wasn’t Nuendo at all. I believe it is Sonarworks SoundID. There seems to be a new parameter that I believe caused Nuendo to lose control of the main outputs;
In Sonarworks preferences, turn off: Keep reference the default system output device.

I have not had a problem since this was changed.