Odd Bug Adds an Hour to Length of Project. Anyone Else?

Hi Folks,

There is a bug (I don’t know what else to call it) I have experienced in every version of Cubase going back to SX. It is hard to reproduce, because I am not entirely sure what causes it, but I will try and describe how and when it occurs.

It seems involves hitting play in a specific way. I press play, and the record click will start and the record will light. When I depress the record button again, there seems to be a momentary flicker (it all happens so fast and out of the blue) of both the play and record buttons. A momentary glitch in audio appears and (mystifyingly) the project time positioner shoots WAY ahead and an hour is added to the length of the project.

This has occurred to me dozens of times (if not more) on every version of Cubase since SX2 and on several different PCs. It is also happening in Cubase 7.

Anyone else experiencing this over the years?

No one?

Not here.

I’ve had something -similar- happen, but not in ages. Typically when it would happen, I’d find that there was a ‘rogue’ event that was way out to the right at bar 2,000. So the problem wasn’t that the project was too large, it was that the project had auto-sized itself.

A bit of a rant about ‘bugs’…

You have to realise that such things are a lot like ‘Fibromyalgia’. You can have a very real problem like that, BUT if it is not reproducible, AFA Steinberg is concerned, there’s nothing to say. They’ve already got far too many ‘repros’ on their plate to ‘be on the lookout’ for something vague.

The -ONLY- exception to the above is if a ZILLION other users report the same issue. For example, when SX3 was released there was this amazing bug where the program would simply vanish—taking one’s work with it. The first reports were met with immediate eye rolls, but a few hearty souls kept kvetching and that gave other users the courage to chime in, ‘Me Too!’. And within a few days? HUNDREDS of users had reported the problem. It was clear that the program had been released with that bug, but SB just didn’t think it would affect too many people.

So SB jumped on it and… et voila, delivered a patch. This was the nadir of quality control issues with SX and the company took a step back and I think it’s fair to say that each .0 version starting with C4 has been -far- more stable right out of the gate. They learned from that experience.

My point is this: I’m glad when people point out stuff like this. It doesn’t mean it’s not real because others aren’t having the issue. A lot of people do -not- report issues because either:
a) they don’t want to appear ‘negative’ or ‘whiney’ or
b) they don’t want to take the time.

But if one has the courage to report, there’s always the chance that others will notice and also chime in ‘Me too!’ and a solution is found.

Steinberg knows about a lot of bugs even as the program is released—I’m not talking about the ‘known issues’ list. They aren’t ‘surprised’ by a lot of these things. They release the program when they feel it’s ‘good enough’. So it’s up to users to tell them when they get the cost/benefit analysis wrong.

My guess is that for every bug that is reported and acknowledged, there is at least one that is not, simply because people just ‘learn to live with it.’

Cubase is a great program. I make my pathetic living with it. But it’s a huge program and it definitely needs reports like this.


Great post, Suntower. :sunglasses:

This isn’t a bug, it’s operator error.

That may be, but as I cannot intentionally recreate it I cannot confirm it is so. I do know that the software should be robust enough to allow for speedy selection of transport buttons without wildly erratic behavior.