Odd bug: greyed-out Apply button

Video is here: https://youtu.be/HuqdPm_OrLk?t=274

My Apply button keeps getting greyed out, even after adding more info. You can see at 5:40 I realize it’s gone. You can see it happen again at 6:05.

I’ve never had this happen before and can’t duplicate it elsewhere, on another project or the same one (saving, closing, and re-opening fixed it).

Not a big deal, just passing it along.

I’ve seen (and reported) this before. It’s tricky to reproduce, though.

Good to know I’m not crazy!


I can reproduce the problem here.

After pressing “Apply”, the currently selected item in the left column (e.g. ‘Project)’ gets deselected, while the fields on the right side stay filled out.
The user has to click on the same item in the left column once again before he can edit its fields on the right and apply those edits.
If you didn’t notice the deselection, your edits will be lost…

Can be seen here:

I have made some changes to the Project Info dialog recently to try to maintain the selection in the list of flows more often. Hopefully this will help alleviate this problem.