Odd bug with hiding and showing the properties panel


I’m finding an odd bug with hiding and showing the properties panel with the key command (ctrl-8) sometimes it won’t show, however many times I press ctrl-8 unless I first show the left panel with ctrl-7…

I haven’t done a scientific work through of exactly when this happens, but I can if needs be…

I’m on Windows 10 with Dorico 3.5.10



Ctrl-0 is supposed to toggle all the panels off. When you type Ctrl-0 again, it should remember which panels were previously open. The oddity - and it’s been reported before - is that Ctrl-7 seems to be capable of cancelling Ctrl-0.

Ok, but surely, if I turn them off with ctrl-0, ctrl-8 should show the properties panel again? Ctrl-7 shows the left panel (maybe that’s the oddity you mention) after hiding them all… (I haven’t tried using ctrl-9 to show the right panel after hiding them all…)

Cheers as always for the prompt and insightful reply, Leo, much appreciated.


No, Ctrl-0 can theoretically only be cancelled with Ctrl-0, in exactly the same way that View > Signposts > Hide Signposts can only be only be cancelled with View > Signposts > Hide Signposts.

Oh. Ok. That seems a little counter intuitive to me, but at least now I know…

Cheers Leo.


Actually, I’m doubting myself, and it transpires I’ve had similar doubts in the past. I have no idea what the designed behaviour is; only that when Cmd/Ctrl-0 hasn’t been applied Cmd/Ctrl-8 works fine. See Sometimes Properties won't open, bug? - #2 by pianoleo for instance.

Sorry, didn’t do a proper search for this before posting…

At least I’m not going mad and imaging issues…