Odd... can't Shift-click

See attached, in layout “Choral Score with reduction.”

Very odd. I click on the first 9-bar multi-rest in the soloist, and I wanted to Shift-click to select the bar after it as well, in all the parts. But I can’t.

Ctrl-clicking works. And I can Shift-click after the next 2-bar rest. But I can’t Shift-click anywhere before that.
Kyrie eleison (It Is Finished).zip (749 KB)

This isn’t specific to this score.
A multirest doesn’t have a specific duration; it’s just a visual representation of empty space. You can start a selection with a multirest, or end a selection with a multirest, but you can’t shift-select a selection that comprises just multirests. For the record, bar 10 is a multirest (in that layout).

Ah, that’s illuminating. Thanks!

I should clarify: it’s a guess! But it’s a guess based on a few different scores…