Odd default staff and page sizes

When I do the timesignature with Shift-M there is nothing wrong.
The problem starts when I try it with the right-hand pane for creating a time signature with a half-beat pickup bar in 6/8 time. With a beat and with two beats it works but not with a half beat.
And now I get all crashes: when I try to start with a new project with for instance a string quartet or when I try to add a player;

Best regards!
CrashDumps.zip (1.48 MB)

"Adding Time Signatures
When you add time signatures to your project, Dorico adds the barlines automatically at the correct places.

  1. Select the first note or rest on the staff.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Press Shift-M.
    This opens a small popover on top of the staff.
    Enter a typical time signature, such as 3/4 and press Enter.
    • In the notations toolbox, select Time Signature (Metre) .
    On the notations panel, select one of the time signatures in the Common section or create a custom time signature in the Create Time Signature section."

So the second way of doing it doesn’t work for me;

The clean-up script does work however!