Odd Dots thigns in Dorico 4

I found DOrico elements 4 menu shows multiple dot amount chocies but i cannot get work others
than single dot. even i dont much care others but seeing them in gui makes wonder its bug or not yet implented feature etc.
and i found when have note what i change later dotted one and i have rest after it.
when i remove dot (using keyboard shortcut) does in one case even dotted rest and i never seen dotted rests in any real music
or note writing book understand there is no rest with dots not even single dots.
does it some time value combination are reproduce. Saddly becouse of this i cannot show it. i tried put my project back to state
where i seen it but saddly not possible.
At least file is one what i try addinational edit what i get from midi i think. ideas how i can avoid them.

You can also cycle through different numbers of rhythm dots by pressing Alt/Opt-. (dot) when using the English keyboard layout (other language layouts might require different key commands).

Dorico changes how notes appear (such as either a quarter note tied to an eighth note, or a dotted quarter note) based on the time signature, where the note is in the bar, whether the note is followed by another note or a rest, etc.

In Dorico Elements 4, you now have access to Notation Options where you can change these settings for each flow. For example, there are settings for whether or not to allow dotted rests, and how many rhythm dots to allow (by default I believe that’s set to 2 rhythm dots).

You can also specify the beat grouping you want by including it in the time signature. If you don’t want the time signature to appear as e.g. 2+3+2/8 but instead just 7/8, put the beat grouping inside square brackets, such as [2+3+2]/8.

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is this rests thing defdault allow mode in when i load midi file? seems is disallow mode and doed still dotted rests. but i cannopt reproduce it anymore. and this Alt/Opt-. works here but some how on gui in left does not same for gracenote style.

And like becouse makes thigns more confortable. and even possible do these dotted notes. and i ask “simple” things sometimes becouse my english is limited (and sometimes i dont know even native tongue correct terms) and manual is giant even always try solve itself if i dount way solve it.(without correct words is very hard).

  1. The key command for cycling through types of grace notes is different than for dotted notes. That’s Alt/Opt-/

  2. If you’re opening MIDI into a brand new project, the notation options will be the default set. If you have changed your notation options in another project, that only affects that one project unless you save Notation Options as default. Once saved as default, the state of all settings in that project are used for future projects.

It’s known that at the moment, additional options that come from the Notes toolbox on the left might be tricky to select: