Odd font rendering

Dorico Pro 2 is rendering the default text font quite strangely. See below. It’s doing this on both my Macs.
Has anybody else been seeing this? I wonder what the problem is. I never that the problem with the previous version.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.25.20.png

Might seem silly, but it isn’t: reboot. If this problem doesn’t go down to the font cache, a simple reboot should clear things up.

Was this supposed to be Academico?

What font is that meant to be? If that is meant to be the default Academico then it certainly suggests something is badly wrong with the installation of the fonts or possibly your font caches. Certainly a reboot won’t hurt, but you may also need to look at cleaning your font caches: this advice on the Adobe site tells you how.

That Adobe information is a little out of date. The link to a Font Cleaning Utility is defunct. The easiest way to empty your Font caches on the Mac is to perform a Safe Boot, and then Restart normally. (Safe Boot is done by holding down Shift at power on.)

Entirely my mistake - I apologise. Somehow, some time ago, I had changed the font by experimenting with the settings in “Paragraph Styles”. I had this font for several projects and had come to mistakenly think it was the default font.