Odd forum behavior with updated topics...

Anyone notice that some topics do not move up to the top of the list when a response has been made by a forum member?

Some topics updated today show up after topics that have not been updated since January 17th in the list…

I have tried the different sort options but the list of topics that show up are not sorted in the order of the last post on the topic.

Has a result it is very difficult to keep track of topics that you are interested in and to follow the progress of the discussions by fellow forum members as the topic is updated as they do not return to the top of the list.

Are you referring to the 3 sticky topics? Other than that, the list is sorted properly.

If you check page 2 of the list you will notice two topics at the bottom of the page that received updated replies (one from me) on January 19th, and yet they appear after some posts that were updated on January 18th. The January 19th posts should have moved up…

by Tonkutsche » 18 Jan 2011 10:58
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18 Jan 2011 01:38

looks like those are moved threads. Not sure the times aren’t reflected properly.


Yes that’s it! thanks. They have been moved so they are no longer updated on this index. Hmmmm… I only visit this section of the forum, so if a topic gets moved to another while a discussion is going on, and gets pushed down the list during the day, I have no way of knowing if someone is still active and responding on that thread… Interesting… I definitly have very mixed feelings about this new forum and the way it is moderated.

I assume this thread will get moved shortly as well…

or deleted :laughing:

The forum behaviour is the same as it’s always been in respect to moved topics.

I just never had a topic moved before so I hadn’t noticed. Guess I must be falling out of favor with Steinberg… :smiley: