Odd group select behaviour?

I am getting some odd behaviour here in 8.0.5:

Create new project
Add 4 audio tracks
Add 4 groups
Highlight audio tracks and attempt to send them all to group 1…

Select group with Shift, should result in all audio channels going to group, if same as 6.5 behaviour). but it doesn’t work!
Oddly the grouping goes:
Aud 1-Group 1
Aud 2 - Group 2
Aud 3 - Stereo Out
Aud 4 - Group 4

Tried Cntrl/Select this doesn’t work either…am I missing a keystroke combination here? Can anyone else confirm? Is this known behaviour?


Shift should route those tracks to successive groups so 1, 2, 3, 4…No idea why your track 3 is stuck on stereo out.

Shift - Alt is what you want for sending multiple channels to one group.

Thanks Grim

Shift+Alt solves my main issue.

Regarding the missing group…it doesn’t appear in the choice list…see attached file…how odd!
Missing group.jpg