Odd GUI Problem

Hi everyone!

I’m having a very odd GUI problem within Cubase on a MacPro (no matter if in 64 or 32bit mode). My GUI keeps freezing (can’t move mouse or use keyboard) for about a second in short intervals.

Any input would be very much appreciated…

Thanks guys!


Best google the problem to get more answers from more sources to see if it’s hardware or software related. If you still get nowhere then return here to get more Cubase specific advice.
Keep an eye on this thread though as, although the enquiry is vague, you never know.
My first impression is it’s graphics related. Cubase could be tripping up on something but it could just be a simple graphics card setting.

I too have a macbook pro issue which seems to be GUI related. As the program initializes, it almost always crashes as it is initializing the GUI. The times it hasn’t crashed there, it has crashed on the subsequent initialization item, something to do with HALion. It’s pretty freakin’ frustrating.