Odd Key Editor Display

I’m befuddled by what the Key editor sometimes displays. See attached.
I checked all relevant preferences thinking perhaps this is a new feature but nothing seemed to change, so I think this may be an anomaly.
Anyone know what may be going on, here?
Strange Piano Roll.jpg

Are the extra thin lines part of the note? ie: Do they move when you move the notes? Do they disappear when you move the notes?!
My first guess would be that it’s a Graphics card / driver anomaly but could be a conflict either from Cubase or to Cubase. Curious, not seen that before.

Nope. They do nothing, serve no function. They’re just there - mucking up the scenery.

Just to be clear, no other graphics exhibit this, everything works and looks as it should. Single melody lines don’t seem to suffer this but chord passages sometimes do.

Yep, that’s a representation of the new Note Expression (you can toggle the display via a button on the Key Editor’s extended toolbar).
What you are seeing there (I admit it does look a little confusing :wink: ) is just the “ghost” presence of controller data (in this case, the sustain pedal). From what I can gather, any Note Expression data that extends beyond the end of the current note, gets this “ghost” image., and (according to the manual) is considered as belonging to the release stage of that note (and should be seen as such when double-clicking to open that note’s NXP editor window). However, I think there may indeed be something wrong that you are seeing it here for CC 64 (sustain), because that is being recorded as regular CC data (as seen at the bottom in the CC lane), not as Note Expression.

Here’s the short answer… don’t worry about it! :stuck_out_tongue:

vic_france, this isn’t the first time you helped me out. Thank you.

Knowing the note expression connection, I played with those parameters and discovered only one way I’ve found to remedy this visual irritant is selecting all the note in a part > double click on any selected note (note expression window appears) > scroll to the farthest right and shorten the note expression edit box. That’ll do it.
As you observed, this is silly and redundant behavior when not using note expression.
EDIT - didn’t read your post carefully enough first time. Yes, there’s a button for that!

Thanks again.