Odd meter beaming

When writing in odd meters I’d like to define how the 8th-groups should be beamed. Is it possible to define that without having to write a time signature like “2+3+2/8” instead of 7/8 (grouped as 2-3-2)

Shift-M “[2+3+2]/8”

Ah, great thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, it works fine when I copy & paste from your post, but I can’t write the brackets in the pop-up. Normally, on my Swedish keyboard, I get the brackets with alt-8 / alt-9 but that doesn’t work. Any idea?

Hmm, sounds like a separate issue. I’m sure someone from the team will help if they can.

I’m afraid there are currently some problems with international keyboards that we are investigating. We hope to be able to improve the situation very soon.

Oki, great, then I know! :slight_smile: