Odd mouse and keyboard behaviour on Mac OSX

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem and has found a solution/work around or even identified the cause. Aside from the incredibly annoying fact that every plugin window requires a click to first make it active before it will then accept input to a control; I am again having an extremely frustrating day where Wavelab is “randomly” loosing communication with the mouse and keyboard input to it - it does this occasionally and I’ve never been able to get to the root cause of it. To give you an example - I select a range of a waveform by clicking and dragging, except when I let go of the mouse button Wavelab misses this and acts as if the mouse button is still depressed - causing chaos as I scroll across the screen to click on a plugin or whatever. Another example; I click and slide the mouse to adjust a parameter on a plugin, I then move to another control and click and slide but it (re) adjusts the first control NOT the one I’m clicking on. Another; I adjust a parameter then go a click on a drop down menu - the menu refuses to work, so I click off and try again - success!; of course I’ve now failed to notice that on a plugin somewhere on my second monitor the gain has just changed from +4 to -6… VERY, very annoying. I’ve just found that it affects the keyboard as well. Trying to rename a file as I save it, start typing, great, then look up, last 4 characters missing, hit the key 3 times nothing, then suddenly it starts working. It’s almost like the GUI lag on Moutain Lion with Logic expect it ISN’T, as I’m on Snow Leopard and it doesn’t affect ANY other programme. Tried rebooting, same. Tried different mouse/keyboard - same. Wireless, wired - same. All other programmes unaffected. Already had to do a complete Wavelab re-install once this week, really don’t want to have to do another one - for a start the album I’m mastering won’t make the post. My system is Mac Pro 4,1 8 Core, 12Gb Ram, 10.6.8, Wavelab 7.2.1 running in 32bit (as FG-X still 32bit).

Any help or suggestions very gratefully received. Reading around the forums it seems I might be better of going back to a dual boot system and running it under Windows 7 - which is a major pain in the … Opinions about this also welcome. Being as I do this for a living I’d really just like something that actually works. Having used Wavelab as a mastering engineer since v3 with the Houpert DDP Solution (do they make computers with parallel ports anymore? maybe I could go back to that) I really don’t want to have to change to new software… but it’s getting really, really waring, and in effect costing me money in lost time. (when will coders realise - reliability trumps features EVERY time)

Thanks in advance…