Odd noob question

Ok, this might not be a Cubase issue, but maybe. I’m using an m-audio m-track plus audio interface which came with the the cubase software so… here goes.

I’m remaking a version of a song which I’m learning by ear and then recording some scratch tracks as I go along.
It was working pretty good, getting audio in my headphones (plugged into audio interface) from the song (in this case from youtube) and then popping over to cubase to record. Then all of a sudden i cant get the audio from youtube to play through the headphones anymore. Instead the audio starts playing from my other headphones that are plugged in to my pc.
I didn’t change anything. It just happened.

Any ideas?


ASIO drivers are designed so they can be used in one application only at the time (if it’s not so called multi-client ASIO, which is pretty rare). So don’t use the ASIO driver on the system level (your Internet Browser is overtaking the system sound). Use any different kind of driver like Generic LowLatency Driver or DirectX FullDuplex, etc. on the system level.