Odd problem with blue boxes showing pitch names how to get rid of?

In the setup page under vertical spacing I checked the Hide empty staves after first system (orch score). When I went back the write mode the score was littered with blue boxes showing all the pitch name, i.e. B3, C2 etc. I’ve never seen this before but I want it gone but looking through view signposts can’t find them listed. How can I get rid of these, they cause quite a clutter. thanks

Are the signposts 00b392 this color (when selected)? If so you must have turned on View > Signposts > Accidentals, which is off by default. This will show signposts for accidentals you have manually hidden. I think it’s the only type that shows just a note name. I don’t think this has anything to do with hiding staves.

View Menu > SignPosts
Then uncheck whatever you do not want to see.

I only did the one thing where I checked hide empty staves, but it was so bad I couldn’t work on the score so I closed it and opened an earlier version, but thanks for the replies.