Odd random crashes when opening projects

This issue here is something I’m experiencing for a long time through a bunch of Cubase Pro versions and I just wonder if other people have seen similar issues or anyone have a clue what is causing this:

• let’s say I open any project I’m currently working on since a while (not a new template - never had an issue with any of those)
• randomly the project crashes during loading
• looking at the crash report, the result in 80-90% of the cases are random 3rd party plugins, in 10-20% of the cases Steinberg sampler tracks
(could be “Valhalla Vintage Verb”, “Battery 4”, “Kontakt 6”, “Diva” - you name it - there’s zero pattern here)
• if this happens and I start an empty project and load the last crashed plugin, then open the crashed project without activating first and then activate the project, it loads. In 10-15% of the time I have to do this 2-3 times.

Again: there is no pattern I see that could be causing this, nor specific plugins that would cause the issue - and it also happens with Steinberg’s own stuff as well (Sampler Track for instance). Templates with the same plugins load without any issue.
My gut tells me this is happening more frequently with projects I work on for a longer while, but also that is just a guess.

If it would be the actual plugin, why does the project load when first loading it unactivated and then activating it? Also the variety of 3rd party plugins listed as crash source doesn’t point to any specific source. Really odd.

I have this too. What often works, don’t open the offending project directly. Start Cubase, open a new project, and close it. Now open the offender.

As I said before, Cubase and lots of 3rd party plug-ins will give messy results and corrupted projects.
I think this is less with Logic Pro or Bitwig 3, hard to tell as I do most work in Cubase.

The last 3-4 songs I’ve been working on intensely in 10.5.20 over the last 2 months all have weird behaviour.

I deleted my old prefs yesterday, but I still had to reimport all my tracks from an older song in a new project to get rid of a weird Kontakt problem(returning to demo mode after not finding my libs in this one song)