Odd result when exporting a midi file from Dorico into Logic

So I don’t know if this is a Dorico or a Logic issue.
I have a score prepared in Dorico for 2 violins, harpsichord and gamba.
When I export the midi and open it in Logic, the violin tracks get labelled French Horn, and the gamba, which plays as a cello in Dorico, appears as a brass synth., These things are eflected in the Event List. I can change the tracks to the samples I want and they play back as the instruments I want (and the new instrument is reflected in the event list, but I am interested to know why this happens and if it is significant.

I suspect it’s the values 40 and 60, which (+1) are the General MIDI assignments for those instruments.

So how did the French horn one get there?

Possibly a Program Change in your Expression Map?

So to clarify, I’m using Noteperformer in Dorico. I exported the score to midi, and I dragged the midi file into Logic. I didn’t do anything else. I didn’t start the score with a French horn, just the two violins, harpsichord and gamba.

NotePerformer creates all kinds of MIDI data that you probably don’t want in your exported file.

I think if you use the HSSE (Elements) Playback template, that will provide you with ‘cleaner’ MIDI.

Ok I will try that. Thanks.

Ok that worked. Thanks for your help. It’s good to know that I need to use the most basic playback template when exporting midi.