Odd sample rate conversion

So I have a piano piece, recorded @48/32 . Cubase Pro 10.5. Mac/Apollo. I then clocked it at 44, I liked the sound and tempo change ( allowing for different project rate in the diaolgue box when clocking switched ) . Then recorded some virtual instrument tracks. Everything sounding great running @44 including the semitone ish detune on the kontakt stuff. The question is when I try and export it like I’m hearing it, it shifts it up to the pitch as if 48 whether I export as 44 or 48 wav or mp3 and whether real time or offline. Clocking with UA Apollo. Any thoughts anyone?!

I would advise against relying on the rate conversion. I get tripped up on this frequently because Cubase doesn’t give any warnings when you drag in WAVs recorded at a different rate. The behavior is not at all straightforward, IMHO.

If you really want that slower tempo and lower pitch, then bring the WAVs in correctly then do the stretching explicitly. If you do that, then Cubase should behave.

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Hey thanks for the answer. I get the principle but won’t quite work here, the wavs ( multiple piano wavs ) are already in the session, just being clocked slower from the UA. PLUS… I’ve now added multiple Kontakt tracks also being clocked slower.

I’m not expert on this. I just know this sort of thing has tripped me up several times on Cubase when it never seems to be a problem on other DAWs. I think some other DAWs give you warnings that allow you to decide whether you want to resample, leave it alone, or back out and fix the project settings first.