Odd Score Behavior

I encountered an issue I’ve never seen before. As a preface, I have not changed any settings in any function of Dorico, but just wrote a band score the same way I always do. However, when selecting patts to edit from the score drop-down menu, my bass clarinet was paired (2 staves on the parts) with my other woodwinds, and i had 2 Baritone saxes (only one in the score, though). I was able to correct the issue by copying all of the bass clarinet part, deleting the player and layout, then adding bass clarinet again and pasting- VOILA!- everything was normal (except for 2 bari saxes still showing in the drop down score menu). To be sure, I’m not complaining here- just curious. Is this an issue with Dorico 5? Has anyone else seen score oddities like this? It has never happened with any other scores I’ve ever composed in Dorico. I did have NPPE open with instruments assigned from my Synchron Prime Orchestra; could that be a possible cause?

My guess is that you did something by accident in the setup process to get the weirdness. Alternatively, if you’ve adjusted any of the instrument definitions with the instrument editor, that might have caused an issue or two. There are a few quirks that are still being ironed out by the dev team in that dept.

Regardless, it’s reallllly difficult to diagnose issues without a project file, or a few screenshots at the very minimum.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t think to save a view of the wierdness; I have not made any changes with the instrument editor-that’s beyond me at the moment. All I did was select my instruments in Setup as I always do. I did select the Bass Clef concert pitch Bass Clarinet. It was just weird to see Bass clarinet and Piccolo, Bass clarinet and flute, Bass clarinet and Baritone sax-etc in the drop down instrument menu. Except for the 2 Bari Sax instances, none of the other woodwinds showed in the menu as individuals- only duos. The fact that simply removing-and adding again- the Bass clarinet instrument resolved the issue makes me think I may be ‘off the hook’ for this one. Not a big issue for me. Dorico has been pretty ‘Gary-proof’ for me so far :wink: I will share the project file if it happens again.
(It WAS the first time I composed with NPPE loaded with my Prime Library. I’ll not do that next time and see if it makes any difference).

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The parts drop-down menu (the “layout selector” in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the window) lists all the layouts in the project.

By default, a project contains:

  • One full score layout that shows all players
  • A part layout for each player, that shows the music just of that player

However, Dorico is really flexible: you can add more score layouts and show the same music in them, but e.g. with a smaller staff size and on A4 paper instead of A3 for a study score; or just the voices and a rehearsal piano for a vocal score, without showing the rehearsal piano in the full score.

You can also combine multiple players into the same part layout, if you e.g. want a part with both Violin I and II (common in recording sessions in case the composer wants to adjust the weighting); or a percussion part that contains the music of all 4 percussionists in the project.

It sounds like you may have inadvertently assigned extra players to some part layouts? And added a spare clarinet part layout? Deleting the player will remove it from any extra parts it’s assigned to, and the new player won’t automatically get assigned to any layouts other than the full score and its own unique part.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t add any players to any instruments. It was just a curiou thing that hadn’t happened before. I’ll be careful to check my part layouts in the future🙂