Odd selecting behaviour?...and the"W" shortcut

If I select the first bar of a flow, and that bar has some text attached to it, the “select to end of flow” will not work. If I select only a note, it will.

It also seems as if the “W” shortcut needs only one note to be selected to work - if I select a whole bar it will not work if the bar contains any rest.

Can you reproduce this?

LAE, both functions you mention above work fine for me. I can “select to end of flow” even if the measure in question has text added.

And W works for me even if the entire bar is selected.

Regarding Select to End of Flow, if the text item is a system text (Shift+Alt+X) item, then that is indeed the case: this is something we should address, and I’ve made a note of it.

As for W, you should find that provided the selection contains at least one note, it works: it won’t work if you have only a bar rest or a normal implicit rest selected.

That’s it, system text.

I will take a closer look at the W problem. Possibly this could be a localization problem, I also have difficulties getting the shortcut for Galley and Page Views to work, and a few other shortcuts.