Odd set of issues in 10.0.15 started in last few days

I upgraded to 10.0.15 soon after it came out and have used it frequently since without any problem, but in the last 48 hours, (No new programs installed) I’ve been having serious glitches.

After 2 reboots the problems persist. I’ve checked different projects and they all exhibit the same behaviours.

It seemed to start soon after right clicking in the audio process window, and getting on of Cubase’s infamous “There has been a serious issue” notifications. But as nothing actually happened after I got the notification, I just carried on working.

Now when I drag windows across the screen they glitch and jump at random across the screen.

Trying to place midi the cursor jumps randomly often placing the note up down left or right of the intended placement.

When using audio warp, markers can’t be grabbed at the top and shifted along the audio.

Dragging events in the main window glitch back and forth between the cursor and it’s original placement.

I’m getting pop and clicks on bounced audio, processed events, and exports, but not during playback.

Windows 7 Pro
i7 X5960
3 x 2TB HDD
MSI GTX 980ti
M-Audio Delta 10-10
Line 6 UX2


Could you attach a crash dump file, please (located in Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder)?

I have been experiencing similar, bizarre issues lately too.

Here’s a link to download it from my dropbox, luckily there was on one of those for 10.0.15 so it made it straight forward which one to pick lol.

Any ideas?

Exit cubase and delete this folder: C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64 (Aministrator can be your username). Reboot …

What will I lose when I delete that, any presets etc?


No plugins presets will remain. You will get Factory settings of view, Key Command and settings.

Of course it’s recommend to backup the folder first to some other place (or just rename it instead of deleting).

Tried this, it didn’t work, bugs still persist.


You wrote, there was no new program installed. What about Windows update (even any silent one)? Any silent update of your Graphics card?

IMO one should always disable windows update with windows 10. Use Windows Update Switch, as Widows itself keeps activating it again. Use other methods to get the sometimes necessary security updates.

I have updated Windows since they occured, but timings of any system changes have not coincided with the appearance of the bugs, they were spontaneous while I was using the program. Cubase was working great, best it’s ever run in over 10 years, then I tried to use a plugin process on an event which caused a “serious error notice” but did not crash, it was after that notice the errors appeared and they have not gone away since. Since a fresh install and deleting the files in the AppData folder didn’t help, Is there anything else that could have been corrupted that I could try resetting? Possibly in the registry?

@Fiddler I don’t use W10 see my sig.

What Windows? For starters: uninstall all Visual Basics, and reinstall all NEWLY downloaded, and sequential order, both 32bit and 64bit versions. Check DotNet version. Could also very well me hardware acceleration of a graphics card; when you can turn it of, do so.

I would strongly suspect Windows Update.

Maybe it updated your graphics driver (it does for AMD, not sure about Nvidia). Check your version, check versions dates from the manufacturer, try to find an installer for the previous driver, try “roll back to previous driver” in Windows Properties, or completely uninstall/reinstall the driver with the one corresponding to your installation before the problems began.

If you have Windows 10 Pro, you can also undo the latest update, but I seem to remember that doesn’t restore previous graphics drivers (I may be wrong).

All this at your own risk, of course :nerd:

I’ve had variations of this kind of problem several times (not specifically linked to Cubase usage) since Windows 10 was dumped on us poor innocent souls. The best ever solution I found is restoring a complete system image backup from the night before. I use Macrium Reflect and have weekly full image backups and nightly differential ones, ON A SEPARATE DRIVE, NOT THE OS DRIVE.

You must have some experience as sysadmin. You’ll need to

  • read all the doc, prepare a boot&rescue USB key with Reflect
  • set your PC to sleep at night instead of turning it off (don’t leave it running, for reasons that by now should be obvious to anybody with half a brain)
  • verify it does indeed go back to sleep after the backup is done (which requires Windows Updates to be allowed for completely different hours, or just turned off -use the “Windows Update service Guest login” trick). You’ll get a better view of the whole automatic process (sleep-wake-backup-sleep) if you know how to use the Event Viewer and look inside the Task Scheduler.

Then you’ll have to TEST a restore of your complete system disk image, booting from the USB key… it does take faith and may require a trip to the UEFI/BIOS, but you’ll be sure the whole thing works.

Macrium Reflect save my *ss about 5 times: everything went back to exactly as it was before. Macrium Reflect is just GREAT. You may lose some emails and other recent files in the process, so before the restore, do another, manual, backup, with a specific name (and don’t image-restore that one, use only file-by-file!)

All this at your own risk, of course :nerd: :nerd:

Good luck.

Again, I don’t use Windows 10, it’s written in my signature and mentioned in a couple of the previous posts in this thread, as already said I ruled out graphics drivers and windows update before I made the post, annoyingly the problem actually went away for about 2-3 weeks and came back last night, again while I was in the middle of using the program, not an update or other computer change in sight, the program had been working screen glitches for about a 12 hour session no problem, now it’s come back and won’t go away again, but the screen glitch is only one of many bugs, and new ones have been popping up left right and center:

Key commands activating the wrong thing
Tools switch at random
Recording modes change
Plugin setting aren’t remembered
Preference choices are not saved correctly
Auto Apply Process keeps reactivating itself
punch punch out activated on its own,
MIDI record will arm and start recording when I press play,
Events keep zooming into 100% in the editor window
Grid snap won’t snap to the grid (No snap to Zero cross activated.)
Other snap issues with snaps not working as expected.
That’s just off the top of my head there are many more I’ve had pop up over the last few weeks

But no it’s not a graphics driver issue.

I’m glad to see there’ a new update out I’m hoping it will address some of it.

weird … begin to think it’s some virus (??), maybe some keylogger virus or spyware maybe. any other software misbehaving?

No I run a very clean system and again that wouldn’t have explained the behaviour I witnessed, I believe it was some sort of registry corruption, but I’ve since now updated to W10 all the mentioned issues seem to have been sorted but the program as a whole now seems a lot more unstable, simply trying to load plugins that worked perfectly fine under W7 now cause an instant program exit which is very irritating.

W10. I still use fall creators 1803 64bit. GUI problems: delete all VisualBasics, reboot. Download ALL 32bit and 64bit versions from i think 2010 on, maybe 2008 even. Reinstall in sequential order, and also the latest DotNET.
And disable a lot in windows 10, with tools like OOsetup10 and W10 privacy. Kill windows Update definitely with windows update switch, other wise windows will constantly reactivate it. Use an other tool like Quihoo 360 total security’s patch up function to find the real necessary updates only.

Nobody should have to resort to this.

Maybe it’s just time to reformat and start from scratch.