Odd Superfluous Barline

An odd, superfluous barline has appeared in a score. The only thing I can see which might be causing this confusing notation, is the change of an unpitched percussion instrument to a pitched one for a single percussion player.

I’ve tried everything to remove this barline, but it won’t disappear.

Any suggestions gratefully received. :cry:

Dorico is treating the switch to pitched percussion like a key change. Does the Glock enter at the repeat? If not, you can add a dummy note to the Cymbol after the repeat and hide it so the Key Sig for the Glock appears at a normal barline.

Many thanks for the workaround Craig_F. Another solution might be to pretend that the suspended cymbal is a pitched percussion instrument, in a key.

I still think Dorico should not be adding a barline before a key signature. - This would make players and conductors irate.

The Barline doesn’t show for the other Player parts. But does look odd in the Score.

You’re right, sorry Craig_F, - the superfluous barline appears only in the conductor’s score. - Parts look fine.