Odd System Beahvior/Bug 1.1

An oddity I found…

In engrave mode (vs 1.1), note spacing on, I move a bar line to to get the 3 measure multi-bar rest a normal size.

It produces 2 system breaks (this confused me initially, but now I think I understand why).

When I go to delete the system break on the second line, it shoves all of the music into 1 line.

Pretty sure this is not by design. But thought I would bring this to someone’s attention.


It is by design: when you adjust note spacing, in order to prevent the casting off from changing, we insert a system break at the start of that system and at the start of the following system. The system break on the first system has the ‘Wait until next system break’ property set. If you delete the second system break, then the first system break is now going to gather all subsequent bars onto the system until it encounters another system break: if there’s no system break, it will gather all the bars up to the end of the flow.

So if you choose to delete the second system break, you also need to select the first system break and switch off the ‘Wait until next system break’ property.


That makes sense. I did notice that if I deleted the first system break first, the problem did not occur. I’ll be more conscious next time.