Odd tempos on audio exports...HELP!

Hey all, I’m having an issue I’ve not quite encountered before its similar to other issues but everything I would normally consider being the issue has not solved the problem. I’m probably missing something really simple!

So for some reason on exporting the cues for this particular project, the audio is completely changing tempo on export. At first I figured I’d got the wrong sample rates so went back checked all hardware and the project etc, everything matched up all the same.

Next I considered is it because I need to add tempo definition to the exported audio so I did this but still no tempos fluctuate all over the place completely wrong.

I then tested realtime and offline export to compare and see if this fixed the issue, but the problems still persists.

To cover further possibilities I then disabled all plugins in the project and just exported with no plugins at all on any insert strips at all and the same problems persists. I also exported the project as an AAF to be imported and still the issues persist.

What is most interesting is that if import the audio into the original project I wrote these cues in (each one) it automatically conforms the audio to it, so for me its not an issue but, for the guys doing the final sound mix more complicated.

Hopefully its something super simple and someone might be able to help!