Odd time delay for one track before it actually plays

My cubase does not play one audio channel (out of about 30) for about 30 seconds, then it kicks in. You can see the audio, just acts likes it is muted (it isnt). Additionally once it DOES kick in, I can rewind the song and the track is now fully audible. Clearly no automation, and it does it on every project. Additionally this period of silence seems to be getting longer. Used to be 30 seconds, then 40, now seems to be growing to 60. Again, once it actually starts playing that one track, I can start from the begininng and everything is perfect. Also, if I load the song and simply wait a couple minutes after it loads, it is also fine. one more thing, its always the same track number that shows this behavior.

Any ideas what this is?


Is there any plug-in in TRIAL/DEMO mode by any chance?

No, been a full cubase user since the days when it was just a sequencer and came on 4 floppies, lol. On version 10. Oddly enough, I reloaded the mixer channels and it seemed to be back down to about 5 seconds, but it is still there.

Im pretty sure Martin is not asking about Cubase itself, but one of your plugins may be running in demo mode. Any plugins on the offending track?