Odd time-signature drum loops in MediaBay

Hi All,

Here a severe problem with odd time-signature .wav drum loops in the MediaBay.
I’ve purchased a few (large) collections of drum loops in other time-signatures than the default 4/4 time.
When I browse these in the MediaBay, the tags are incorrectly set: BPM is wrong, signature is wrong.

  • The BPM can be corrected with right-clicking “Check tempo” and Cubase almost always immediately finds the right tempo.
  • Then when I correct the signature, the “Bars & Beats” tag is incorrectly adjusted by the MediaBay. I cannot set all three relevant tags correctly at the same time: “Tempo”, “Signature” and “Bars & Beats”.
  • These mentioned three tags cannot be set correctly in the sample editor either.
    Because of this, playback from the MediaBay in project context is a mess.

Is there a way to set tags to these .wav-files correctly, probably externally from Cubae?

Thanks for any advice, I am using Cubase 7.06

Then why post in the C6 forum? :confused: