Odd time signatures

Hello :slight_smile:

I’ve got a bit of a difficult question here.

I’m trying to do some really crazy MIDI work using contrasting time signatures and layering multiple MIDI tracks together like 3 or 4 to create certain effects, so is there really a way to change the grid to an odd time signature?
I’m talking about signatures like 3/4ths, 3/16ths. I wanna do all of the MIDI tracks in all different signatures so I want one 1/8, 1/32, 3/4, & 3/16.

I understand you can change the time signature of the tracks in the transport panel but it doesn’t affect the actual grid for MIDI manipulation. Does anybody know any other ways of working with MIDI in odd time signatures?

If anybody is interested in what I am trying to do it’s almost like a trill effect, except you cannot do it with a trill alone, it won’t work from my experimentation :slight_smile:. Thanks in advance

you can change it in Tempo Track

If I am reading correctly, Hypergenesis wants to have simultaneous different time signatures… which Cubase cannot do, unfortunately.

aha, I misunderstood

Thank you :slight_smile: