Odd WAV export problem using Noteperformer

I have composed a piece using the default Dorico sounds, mostly from Iconica. When I export that piece as a WAV file it sounds fine and is a duplicate of what I hear in Dorico. However, when I use the Noteperformer playback for the very same piece paired with one of the libraries, it sounds great in Dorico, but when I export it as WAV file it wavers the volume up and down, like it is going through some kind of compression and sounds a bit different from the Dorico playback. I cannot figure out what is going on. I sure would appreciate it if someone might have a thought for me on how to fix that.

Would it be possible that you post your project file here, in order that we can try to reproduce your issue? If you don’t want to post it here publicly, could you send it to me via e-mail to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de? Full confidentiality guaranteed by me.
One more question, what exact versions of Dorico and NotePerformer do you have?

If it’s specifically a Noteperformer problem, then you could contact Arne Wallander (“Mr Noteperformer”) on the NP site.

I am on the latest versions of both. I will try Ben’s suggestion of contacting Arne. Earlier versions of the software never caused this. It’ something very recent.

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