Oddity concerning fingerings and slurs

Hi all,

here’s what I’m trying to do (note the attached GIF!):

  1. Create two doublestops on guitar
  2. Slur them together
  3. Add fingerings, i.e. both notes with same finger
  4. Add a slide
  5. Put fingerings outside the staff
  6. Correct the positioning on the neck by switching on TAB view.

The result is somewhat suboptimal… :confused:
What am I doing wrong?

Cheers, Benji

I don’t want to be a pain, but this is frustrating and funny at the same time…
Just slides and slurs…
Cheers, Benji

In London it’s 5.10 on a Sunday afternoon, the weekend after Dorico 3 was released. My guess is that the only people qualified to respond to this are either busy, or taking a weekend, or sleeping.
Bumping is one thing (and one thing that’s not appreciated), but bumping less than six hours after the original post, on a Sunday, is bad form.

I’m really sorry.

As usual, I didn’t mean to annoy or harass anybody, as I said.
I just figured it was something silly I overlooked, as usual, and you or someone equally experienced could help me out quickly.
I’ll wait patiently now until something comes up. Guess my frustration got to me a little.
Again, I’m sorry. I just want this to work really well for all of us, and I’m really excited about the software.


Sorry that it’s taken a couple of days to come back to you on this. There’s obviously a problem with the decision Dorico is making about whether fingerings go inside or outsude slurs in the specific case where the stem directions of the notes under the slur are mixed. You’ll get a much clearer result, I think, if you flip the stem of the second dyad so that it points downwards: then the fingerings will naturally go outside of the slur, which will look better by default. You’ll find that the positioning goes awry when you move the notes from one string to another in tablature, but only temporarily: if you switch to another layout and back again (or, at the worst, save, close and reopen the project) you’ll find that everything goes back to normal.

There are two problems here for us to look at, but I don’t think either of them should stop you from getting the results you need. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thx Daniel,

I love you guys.
I’ll do my best to follow your advice!

Again, thx for all your hard work,