OEK Sound crashing Nuendo

If I have two instances of any OEK Sound plugin open it crashes Neundo 11. I can have many instances running, just can’t open two edit windows at once.
Does anyone else have this problem?


I had a couple of crashes when opening soothe 2 in N11. Can’t remember if i had more then one instance active though. Did not have the time to investigate, just stayed away…

I’ll test it the next session


This still happens every time. Not sure whose problem it is.

I think I am having similar issues too. Noticed on some projects that crash that I am using more than one instance of Soothe 2.

No issues here.
Did you try to disable OpenGL ?
Click in the settings on the right …


Thanks Peer,

Not sure what you mean when you say settings on the right.


Open that - select disable OpenGL :wink:


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Thanks. That worked!!

Cool !! :slight_smile:
and another cool just because of the 15 chars needed :wink:

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The most recent update of Soothe seems to address the issue:

oeksound changelog: soothe2