Hello, when i load to a plug that i pulled in my favorite banks, this one is automatically apllied to the tracks have selected; i had initially deselected the option in the bartool “auto- apply” but everytime i load one plug in my banks the treatment is done; I don’t see anything in the preferences menu; Can someone help me Thanks.


Are you sure, the sound is really processed? You can hear it as a preview with the process/plug-in even if its not done yet. If the Auto Apply option is disabled, you have to click to Apply to process the file.

hi, thanks for your attention; Yes, visually as soon as i load a plug from my favorite banks (whitin off-line treatments windows) the piece of track selected changes; and that with the auto apply disabled.Let’s say i ve put an eq with its a telephone preset loaded and drag it into the favorite bank below; every times i recall it, it loads constantly with the preset telephone there 's immediatly a time of loading for apply the eq to the track ( like as if i enabled auto apply fonction but i don’t ; If any ideas or it’s a bug in my cubase; Thanks