Off Screen

Greetings! I use Cubase LE 5 on my laptop. I write a lot of a material and use the program daily.
I stupidly move the Virtual keyboard below the frame line to get it out of the way.
Tried almost everything I could think of.
Not sure how to retrieve it back into the program from below the frame.
What am I missing??. . Any suggestions??
Thank You :blush:


I’m not sure, if this would work…

Try to open Window > Windows. In the Windows window ( :smiley: ) select the Virtual Keyboard from the list, and click Reset Layout (if the button is available). Does it work?

:cry: LOL!! However, There was no Virtual Keyboard available from the list to reset. :cry:

GOT IT!!! Did more research on line after what you wrote. Being frustrated I found something that worked. On my laptop there was another section never showed up in my original searches.
Thank you