Off tune problem

Today I loaded a project I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks into CE12, and when I hit play I was greeted with such a cacophony I had to turn it off! Two of the tracks were playing slightly out of tune, maybe a couple of cents, but enough. The tracks were connected to vst’s Nexus and Real Guitar, so I reloaded both but the problem is still there. I checked to see if there was any unwanted portmento on the tracks (which I’ve had in the past!) but there was nothing.
I searched the forum and see there was a similar problem with Halion back in 2017, but isn’t related. As its happening with 2 different vst’s I guess it’s a problem with Cubase. Just to add, the same vst’s play perfectly in other projects.
Its a mystery to me…any suggsstions?

Check if it’s a sample rate mismatch by any chance.

I’m not using samples.

Digital Audio? Sample rate?

Make sure the sample rate in Cubase matches the sample rate of your audio interface.

He doesn’t use samples, you know?

Ive sorted it by reconstructing the two tracks and deleting the bad ones. Don’t know what caused it, but alls good now. Thanks for the suggestions anyway.

It’s a sample rate issue - we know you are not using samples, but your VST instruments are.
If you load a track at 44khz and your interface is set to 38 this kind of thing happens.

That wasn’t the problem. I loaded a .bak file into CE 11 and I found loads of pitch bend events across both tracks which I didn’t put there. Its no wonder it was off tune. What I’d like to know is how did it get there?

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that’s good to hear - I read you “checked portamento” to mean you’d discounted the pb wheel :slight_smile:

Yeah it seems my keyboard is sending pitchbend for some reason without affecting the live sound, just the playback. As long as I’m aware of it, I can fix it till I can afford to replace the keyboard!:frowning: