Off tuning with analog synths

When you use VSTs in Cubase and other DAWs you get a tuning standard that is consistent and makes things easy. When you bring in analog synths, the presets(if it has them) are all slightly custom tuned and it can make it a real drag. Sometimes making it not even worth using them. They all have cents fine tuning but that is not perfect. Some synths are better than others. On the Uno Pro it is especially bad.
Is there any quick or automated way to force all the sounds to a standard fine tuning???the same as vsts…???


Would using of the Micro Tuning MIDI plug-in help?

In short, no, unless the analog device provides for tuning adjustments via MIDI. For those of us who have been around long enough to remember why we wanted to get away from analog in the first place, this is just one of the reasons.

If it’s monophonic, just bung it into Vari-audio or if you have it, Melodyne.