Offer some features

Dear Cubase Development Team,

As sound designers and producers, we work with hundreds of loops and samples daily. While Cubase has many strengths, there are several repetitive tasks and workflow inefficiencies that significantly hinder our productivity. With a few key improvements, Cubase can become the ultimate tool for sound designers. Here are our proposed enhancements, which we hope you will consider for future updates:

  1. Enhanced Loop and Sample Management

“Save as Loop” Function: Introduce a feature to save loops with an automatically added effect tail, ensuring seamless playback without abrupt cuts.

  1. Rendering Window Enhancements

File Normalization: Add file normalization with fade-in and fade-out settings to the rendering (export) window, making it easier to produce polished final products.

  1. Sample Browsing Convenience

Sample Switching with Arrow Keys: Enable users to switch to the next/previous sample from the folder using the left/right arrow keys after loading a sample or loop into the project window. This simple yet incredibly useful function, available in other DAWs, can significantly streamline the workflow.

These enhancements will drastically simplify and accelerate the workflow for sound designers and producers, allowing us to focus more on creativity rather than routine tasks. We are passionate about Cubase and believe these changes will help us use it to its full potential.

Thank you for considering our suggestions. Your commitment to enhancing Cubase is greatly appreciated, and we eagerly await these improvements that will make our work more efficient and enjoyable.

Best regards,


There is a program called SampleFinder that does much of what you ask for.

Thanks, but this is not what I asked for, although it is also an interesting program.
I would like it to be integrated into Cubase itself, without the involvement of third-party programs.

True. But until your feature gets integrated into Cubase (or if), this might help you get your work done.