Official bug list for Cubase 9?

Is there an official bug list for Cubase 9? The chord track/variaudio issue is setting my workflow back big time. I contacted Steinberg support the day of release and received a reply within 24 hours. I was told that they would ask the developers if this change was “by design”. It’s been over a week and still no reply. I’m curious if it’s on a list somewhere as a bug. I’m scared cause I’m the only one i’ve seen on this board complain about this issue so it’s probably never gonna get any attention. Thanks

In the release notes of the next maintenance update there will be a Known Issues section that will list the known but unresolved bugs.

Is it the same problem as seen here?
If not, then personally I’d just make a request on the Bug Reports forum, but then again I’m on the persistent side with these things.

Confirmed and logged bug forum…

Its sort of on the list at the bug forum. What seems to me to be broken is the cord track scales are not “Talking” to other tracks or functions, all the rest of the things that have been reported are a consequence of this.

I agree its a major problem for those who use this as a compositional and sequencer tool as well as vari audio but there has been no acknowledgement of this officially so far.

I`m back to 8.5 for now and realize I really did not get very much at all in 9, I already have a sampler and EQ and can reproduce the new window layout in 8.5 so with this major bug it was a step backward


Ahhhh…ok…I didn’t look there. Thanks for that. Though i’m still not happy that it’s not fixed, at least I know it’s been reported by others. I use this on almost every project. I also have Studio One 3 and this has always been one of the reasons I could not go to Studio One. But I was forced to use Melodyne in C9 and though it works great, it’s not as smooth a workflow as having variaudio.

The first maintenance update hasn’t come out yet. Most likely this will fix the obvious problems.

Me thinks 9 was released in quite a rush by the way. It was updated with .1 pretty short before release.