Official "Do I have to restart Cubase for usb midi?" thread

  1. Is there a way to refresh midi devices without having to close Cubase totally down? In my other faws, this is either automatically done by the software (Sonar) or done with a simple refresh scan (Studio One). I have a Virus TI2 that I dont always use, but having to save a project, turn off Cubase, power up the synth, and reload Cubase is a huge creativity killer.

  2. When choosing presets from a vst insert,y entire project hiccups and everything goes out of sync until it cycles. Does this happen to you guys?

These are my only isdues so far…loving Cubase!

  1. No, but you may be able to set things up so you don’t need to refresh. I have a MIDI kbd that I used to connect directly to the PC via USB but got fed up having to restart every time I needed it. I solved it by connecting the old-style DIN MIDI In/Out to the MIDI ports on my interface. This is always connected and I’ve found that I can switch the kbd on whenever I need it and record/playback MIDI no problem. You may be able to figure out something similar for your setup, perhaps using a MIDI box.

  2. You often get hiccups when you change presets but I’ve never had one go out of sync on me. Are you sure that’s happening?

Hope that helps,

  1. Yes, this is possible since Cubase 7. Cubase 7 scan external devices automaticly.

  2. If you do this on the fly, yes, there are drop outs.

I never knew that. Never let it be said that Steinberg don’t respond to requests.

That would be great, but after having turned on my midi keyboard (it´s a M-audio Keystation 88ES) while running Cubase 7, it doesn´t appear.

Am I missing something?

Have you tried MIDI->Reset?

Hi Crotchety,

Now I have, but with no success. Tried Reset in Devices > Device Setup > MIDI Port Setup too, but it didnt work there either, unfortunally.

I have to say that this does not work for me either.


if this is true could you point us to the information that tells us that Cubase 7 allows hot swapping ?

Yes. But C6.5 doesn’t out of sync even on the fly…
I think its a Cubase 7 bug. Like many, many others… :frowning:


I think this is a Mac/Windows difference.

I don’t know about Windows, but Mac has “Core Audio” which broadly speaking is the communicator between applications and midi drivers (and optionally audio). Cubase operates through that and therefor If Cubase is running and I add a midi interface or device it shows up. There is system app called Audio Midi Setup that lets you see the connected devices.

This seems to have gotten better of late. I remember it not working before.

I had been in the habit of restarting Cubase previously for this problem, so I don’t know when it got fixed actually.

Beginning to sound like Windows users are stuck with having to run from a MIDI hub. I used to to do this through a Midiman connected permanently via USB to the PC and to my external equipment via the standard MIDI-In DIN ports. They were permanently connected but not permanently on, but I could switch them on as needed and Cubase would react to them because all it needed to know about was the Midiman.

I later discovered that I could use my Firewire audio interface (which has MIDI in/out) in the same way and seeing as that was on anyway, I abandoned the Midiman.

I think you all need to work out something like that for your own setups - a permanently connected MIDI hub to which everything else connects.

Well, I use an active USB hub and when I turn off my PC, the hub (and thus my keyboard) stays on. So I turn off my keyboard, but forget to turn it back on before starting up Cubase the next time of course :smiley:

If I were to use the midi connectors of my interface, I would need to buy an external power supply for my keyboard (which is now USB powered). Or does that work through the midi cable as well? I´ve got no midi cable, otherwise I would have tested this already.

Ain´t life tough…

If I were to use the midi connectors of my interface, I would need to buy an external power supply for my keyboard (which is now USB powered). Or does that work through the midi cable as well?

Nope, afraid not.

My external gear was always separately powered so I suppose you’ll need to have yours the same, although I can’t speak for active hubs as I’ve never used one (I don’t think my Midiman is…). It may not be the perfect solution for you, having to do this, but if it means you don’t have to restart Cubase then maybe it is the lesser of two evils.

Yeah, on the one hand I might better buy me a power supply. But then again, I would still turn my keyboard off and, at this point, connecting it through midi with my interface (and hope Cubase will read this properply) is an experiment. Strange that people sell a keyboard without a power supply BTW, or me not noticing that…

On the other hand I don´t always need my 88-key keyboard when working in Cubase, so that would bet against it.

There I was, getting my hopes up after reading the initial posts of this thread. Now I´m having a problem I didn´t even realise I had… (again) :laughing:

Why don’t you try posting on the hardware forum? You might have better luck…

“If you are on Mac this should work usually, but on PC there is no automatic detection possible atm, which means you have to restart Cubase (checking for MIDI devices happens on startup of Cubase)”

—this is the official answer from support.

I let them know that this is totally possible in Sonar and Studio One WITHOUT restarting. I suggest that everyone contact support asking for this feature and it will get prioritized.