Official "Do I have to restart Cubase for usb midi?" thread

You should make a post in the Features Request forum.

it seems the so called Yamaha and steinberg tech support wizard can’t be arsed to answer this then

bigboi asked me this question in a personal mail and I already answered as follows:

If you are on Mac this should work, but on PC there is no automatic detection possible atm, which means you have to restart Cubase (checking for MIDI devices happens on startup of Cubase).


Thx Helge. You are great about getting here and talking with us users. Maybe we can get this functionality later. Either way, we still appreciate you communicating with us!

Yes, thanks for the official reply. But I do think with the proliferation of USB instruments that it’s time to consider it as a feature to be included in the next release. I’d settle for pressing the ‘Midi Reset’ button on my WinPC as it is on the Mac.