Official support for komplete kontrol

1ste request:
Every time i start up cubase i have to reset the connection with the komplete kontrol.
Getting official support for the native instruments controller will be a great thing and very helpful.

2e request:
Native Kontrol Standard (NKS) is an extended plug-in format. Established by Native Instruments, this groundbreaking development offers an entirely new quality of software/hardware integration. Third-party developers can now configure their software instruments to access the unique hardware features of the KOMPLETE KONTROL system directly. Leading instrument builders such as Arturia, U-He, and Output Audio are already on board, and the list of NKS partners is growing rapidly. The result? True integration.*




Maybe NI should support VST3 first. :wink:

+1 for NKS support for all steinberg Vsti will be nice

I would also add, full intergration of drag and drop :stuck_out_tongue:

I visited the NKS website and read their blurb on this, and it prompted this question-

The list of products that support NKS are all instruments- there are no sequencers in the list. I would seem that the individual VSTs must do the supporting, no?