*Official* word on any crossgrade to C6 option for Nuendo?

So, with all of the various opinions/statements made regarding the new C6 release, I would very much like to know if there is any official info on whether there is, or WILL BE any crossgrade option(s) for Nuendo 5 owners to either migrate to or add a Cubase 6 license. I am not at all trying to start a debate, only to be informed as to what my options are/may be as a longtime Nuendo owner and user.

You know, the line between the two applications is becoming even more blurred with this latest Cubase release. I own separate licenses for both and for the first time I am questioning Nuendo’s real value. Certainly if I were making the decision between the two today I would choose Cubase hands down, no question. To continue intriguing me enough to invest in future Nuendo updates there had best be a clearer divide between capabilities and feature set for the money involved.

Yeah give me an offer Steinberg! I’m ready to switch to Cubase. I would happily switch today! What would it cost me to go from N3 to Cubase5(6)?

The official statement is that there is no official statement :laughing:

There MUST be some official statement…here’s to hoping! There are a lot of people here and at Gearslutz who want to see a solution to this - if enough of us speak up hopefully Steinberg will find a reasonable solution.

I think before we ask for any Cubase crossgrade options we should wait for an announcement on what happens to Nuendo: the next free N5.5 (?) update should much rather contain all that is in Cubase 6 plus the show/hide features which are announced for the Nuendo 5 product lifecycle.

That’s what I’m talking about


Please stay to one topic. Some information will come at a later point. Please stay tuned