Offline activation?


My studio computer is offline, can I simply d/l and install the 9.5 update on my office computer, authorize the elicensor there, and then install on the studio computer? I’m pretty sure this is what I did to go from 8.5 to 9 but figured I’d ask anyway.


You don’t have to install Wavelab on the office computer. Just install the License Control Center, connect the USB-key and activate your update so the new license is on the USB key. Then simply install the 9.5 update in the studio, connect e-Licenser and you’re on.

great, thank you!

You’ll need to update the eLicenser database for the Wavelab 9.5 license to work. To do this you can download the latest eLicenser Control Center and put it on a flash drive.

That’s right, though the new LCC version should be part of the WL9.5 install.

Oh, I forgot about that.