Offline Activation

Hi all,
I have Cubase 12 activated online on my main computer. Now I like to activate the same computer offline. I’m a bit weary to do so because I may lose the online activation. Anybody done this?

Have you read this?

Yes I read it. Not to difficult to do. But that’s about offline activation on an OTHER computer. I’d like to commit an offline activation on the SAME computer. Could be tricky. Or not. As I said I’m rather apprehensive to f*ck up my otherwise fine working/running line up. So if somebody has done an activation in this way I’d love to hear how that turned out. My main reason for the Offline Activation is I just don’t trust mr.Putin at all! I’m scared as hell that one day his hackers are shutting down the whole Internet/cloud. I know that not being able to work in Cubase will be the least of our worries but still.