Offline export sounds noticeable wrong compared to realtime


I noticed on an mixdown in N12 done by a offline export the other day that the rendered file sounded broken lacking a better description. Exporting the same project in realtime sounded correct. This on a project that has been working fine in N11 before. Anyone else noticed discrepancies?

I will further investigate and see if I can find what what is causing this. 3:rd party plugins comes to mind… But it has been fine I N11 soo.

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Question #1 in these cases: Have you checked your Control Room routing …?

Yes, thanks. I’m using CR on exclusive outputs. My main bus is unconnected as usual. (And I understand that monitoring the project can potentially sound differently then a export due to routing issues. )

But in this case I’m getting differences between the offline and real time exports… I am getting the same results with an aggregate device on my m1 pro MBP and using a RME UFX+. This is all running N12 under Rosetta2.

As soon as i have a time window i will try to break the project apart and try to isolate the issue.

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happened to me once,

actually I found this usually happen with ( some 3rd party plugins )
when recognized which plugin cause this behavior I render in place tracks that using this plugin, or I use realtime export,

Ok, think I found it.

It was a instance of waves stereo deEsser that is acting up. It is sitting on a mono track but I have been noticing (since N11 that waves stereo plugins sometime go crazy when they’re sitting on a mono track. Input level on the left side shows a constant +380dB level when doing a offline export. Playback and real time export looks and works normal.

I will try to update the waves plugins but, this is very worrying.

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Ok, updating to waves 13 (and spending 150 buck)s fixed the problem as far as I can see and hear.

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